In April of 1988, Tim Oros started off in a two car garage that he rented for $300 a month.  Hard work, commitment and dedication to providing quality services has resulted in a thriving business which has lead to the opening of Auto Paint Techniques.  Auto Paint Techniques is a quality paint and auto body repair facility.

In addition to Auto Paint Techniques, Tim Oros owns and operates Mr. Wonderful Motorsports, an used auto sales dealership that not only presitine muscle cars, but also reliable daily drivers.

To further serve the community, Oros Automotive Repair was opened, a full service mechanical automotive repair facility.  The company also provides towing services.   

Auto Paint Techniques owner and employees are car people.  It is not just a business.  It is a way of life.  Outside of the auto shops, the owner, employees and their families are also involved heavily into drag racing, car shows, and anything motorsports related.

Tim’s love and passion for cars started at an early age.  Growing up in Oswego, Illinois and a frequenter of the old Oswego Drag Strip, he was destined for a future involving cars and motorsports.  A drag racers since his teenage years and now raising two twin duaghters that will be the next generation of racers and gearheads in the family.  His passion for cars shines through his quality work and attention to detail.

Mary, Tim’s oldest sister out of three, has been running the office at Auto Paint Techniques for over 30 years!  A truly family ran and minded business.